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Founded in 1996 as Christ Community Church, CCC Family Worship Center has been in operation for over 18 years under the leadership of Sr. Pastors Richard and Cheryl Starling.

CCC Family Worship Center is a ministry where lives are healed and transformed through the Word of God, the power of Jesus Christ, and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.


Our mission is to build healthy individuals, families, and marriages; to empower, train, and equip our members so they can make an impact in their community, nation, and world, thereby enabling them to be of maximum service to God and their fellow man/woman.

The culture at CCC Family Worship Center is a reflection of our purpose. We exist to model godliness, which is a love for God and people. Our community and culture are all about LOVE: Leadership, Opportunity, Victory, and Excellence.

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    Sunday Service begins at 10:30AM, and Wednesday Bible Study begins at 7:00PM.
  • Our Community and

    Culture are all about LOVE:

    Leadership, Opportunity, Victory, Excellence.


Couples’ Ministry

The mission of our Couples’ Ministry is to build and develop healthy couples and marriages between a man and a woman through God’s word, sound counseling, support, fellowship, and encouragement.

We want to see couples/marriages sustained through the love of God and love for each-other. By creating a standard of integrity within couples/marriages that help them experiencing the joy within a healthy relationship; while living under the principles of God’s Word.


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In His Steps Dance Ministry

In His Steps Dance Ministry is designed to express praise and worship of our lord Jesus Christ through the art of dance.

Our vision is to develop ministerial dancers that will minister to others through song, praise, and dramatization; to teach, instruct, guide and train dancers to minister with a purpose; to develop biblical interpretations of worship dance which is the beginning of sacrificial giving to God; and to equip the dancer with power of sanctuary revelation through hearing the voice of GOD ultimately building worshipers through praise and worship dance.

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A Community That Serves (ACTS) mission is to strengthen the community within the Body of Christ, as well as those surrounding us, by exemplifying the love of God. We endeavor to create and maintain an environment that is warm and welcoming; while embracing diversity and differences, providing a feeling of safety and promoting intellectual, emotional, financial, and spirit development within our church as well as in the community. Through outreach activities, charitable giving, and educational missions, ACTS aims to transcend providing basic physical needs; adding unto, a sense of community by showing love, kindness, and hospitality to those around us for the Glory of God (Matthew 25:40).

CCC Family Worship Center values the sense of community in every area from service to fellowship; from inward, outward. We believe that by transforming the traditional church from within with biblical fellowship (Hebrews 10:25) and support to one another, together through Christ, we’re able to change the world by service and add unto the kingdom of God, just as demonstrated throughout the book of Acts (Acts 2:47).


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Singles With A Purpose and Promise is centered on the belief that single adults are important to God and vital to his kingdom. Singleness is a viable lifestyle in which God prepares, provides, and makes provisions for living as a Christian single adult.

The mission of SWAPP is to encourage and empower Christian single adults, prepare them to share the Gospel, and to introduce others to Jesus Christ.

SWAPP ministers to the needs of single adults through relationship, mentorship, and love while having fun. This ministry assists singles in times of crisis, equips them with the necessary skills for living productive lives, and encourages them to apply their gifts, talents, and abilities into their life and toward the church’s programs and overall vision.


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Soul Change Movement Teen Ministry

Our mission is to provide a healthy and safe environment surrounded by core biblical values, where gifts and abilities are cultivated through the word of God. We strive to make Scripture relevant to the youth in a relatable way, where they can understand it and apply it to life experiences; all while keeping a fun and exciting atmosphere for all to enjoy!

Soul Change Movement Teen Ministry gives our teens the opportunity to hear the gospel on a level they can understand. Our teen leaders encourage each teenager to see themselves as God sees them, and to love and respect themselves in a way that brings honor and glory to God.

Our teens participate in youth conferences and events around the tri-state area and meet two times each month for lessons and activities to help them apply the principles of God’s Word to their lives.

Teen Ministry

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